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    Arms of Morpheus. Dreams interpretation

    Information about the site

    One of the main goals of the site - the interpretation of dream symbols . Deciphering your specific dreams. This is not only a fascinating pastime . Opportunity , looking inward to solve several serious problems This treatment without medication. Everyone knows the humorous phrase : " All diseases of the nerves ." There are a number of dreams are the same for all lyudey. My say that this is a typical character. Can decrypt it without knowing the person .
    Without clarifying the events preceding the dream . Of course , it is easier to make sense of what he saw, if you know the background of the dream. Dreams we are not alone typical characters , and ourself. Dreams weaves image of the images seen you in the first place in the coming days . But they are necessarily linked to earlier events , deep problems. The dream may represent important information hidden in the unconscious feelings, desires and problems.
    May also represent immediate , very simple desires. Main any purpose to ensure the continuation of the dream sleep. Important physiological processes . Removing , using available means , the signals coming from the internal organs of the unconscious ( psyche ), or from sleeping environment . Explain these hidden expressed by symbols , signals. We can understand their physical and mental problems. And even if you do not understand the meaning of the symbol to the end , but only try,  some of your problems will disappear. For example : quit or be free of phobia or something else. If you want to deal seriously with a dream , better to do it with us. You may have noticed that on our website and on many other sites , each character has several interpretations. We need to understand what it refers to you, to your specific situation . Therefore required to be considered a symbol in conjunction with other developments .Have value: age, sex , social status , cultural traditions, which brought the dreamer and others. As for the ability of dreams to the predictions of the future, interesting view of Artemidorus (2 AD) : " Prophetic Dream has all sorts of movement or fabrication of the soul, indicating the coming of good and evil . In this case, all that will turn sooner or later over time, predicts the soul through images inherent in the nature and called primary elements . Assuming that between sleep and its execution , we , thinking and learning , we can understand the future . Soul as it cries to each of us : " Look and be attentive . Is it in your power that you comprehended from me! " Dreaming tells you your unconscious desire. If a repeated dream - this insistence . This is your " statement of intent . " If you accept it and make the effort , it is true. On site by research in the field of dream interpretation and psychology , especially Sigmund Freud , as well as Artemidorus , C.G. Jung , Ferenczi , E.Erikson , E.B.Teylor , K. Meninger and many others. Symbols of dreams presented onsite briefly . In more detail, you can get detailed transcript of your dreams, placing it on the forum. Search for the meaning of a word ( character) , of course you can , but the result will be too rough . Comments or additions you can also report on the forum. . If you decide for yourself , using the provided symbols to interpret someone else's dream. Take advice. Not decrypt dreams for your family and friends . You risk a quarrel with them and leave. Often interpretation may reveal not show partiality to human thoughts and desires . As in everyday life , just message the person that will your head. On his appearance, mind, business qualities , and so on , hardly improve your relationship. Let them get acquainted with the presented materials . It is recommended for those wishing to Sigmund Freud engaged analytical psychology . The Interpretation of Dreams is one of the its components. Moreover Sigmund Freud gives advice . Analyse your dreams, if want to practice to learn the methodology of psychoanalysis. For each character is represented by several versions. May be others, that are not represented here , with the expectation, that you will not passively accept the information and actively participate in the interpretation of dreams .
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