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    Arms of Morpheus. Dreams interpretation

    Plane : late, fly, fall

    Public transport : train , plane , bus - is the current situation . External circumstances leading pulling a man somewhere or someplace . They not depend on it . They make changes in his life according to his wishes . So sleep believes .
    You're late or feel about going to miss the plane . You are desperate , distressed or even cry , "O - O-O plane flew away ." Dreaming can be caused by several motivations :
    1 ) Do you think , sorry about lost or lose the opportunity . To soothe the dream to replace these feelings , concepts at least unpleasant . Late for the plane . Will be different. In contrast to the loss of life prospects .
    2) Frustration due to the inability to return the bygone years.
    3) There's also another reason - it's sad thoughts of death . Caused by health or recent bereavement . This dream and strong emotions even more evidence that sadden you thought about death. Should pay attention to health, for our conscience . After all, thoughts and desires are represented in symbolic form , sometimes do not understand you , and experienced feelings (affects ) are real. Sorrow , sorrowful, you really feel fear . Needed to find out exactly what causes it.
    If you dream that someone ( not you ) flies , or going away for a long distance train or on a long journey . You thus greatly distressed , crying . So you want this man in a dream ( at an unconscious level ) death. Rather, that he or somewhere away forever departed. Not because you're such a villain . Just our unconscious , and during sleep it controls behaves like a baby. For him, the concepts of good and evil and death do not exist - it's just leaving a long time. Maybe this person is something very annoys you . Thought about it interfere sleep, and you have decided to eliminate it in a dream.
    Dream: " I fly on an airplane. Want to go back again. Crying . " Interpretation: Options 1 ) : You are very concerned with the topic of death , fear of death. Maybe someone died close . Worried own health. 2) In life there are any drastic changes do not depend on you. You would like it back .
    Plane : the plane flies or the plane took off - it is a symbol of a man or an erection. Merged its properties such as machine ( complex mechanism ) and climb , takeoff, flying objects polet.Esli dreamed of having a flawed view . For example: broken wing aircraft. Examples: "Dream about the plane that can not fly " or " the plane crashed . " This izobrazhenay problems with male authority in reality : ( defectiveness , impotence , weakness , neurotic problems , anxiety, and fear associated with potency and others). Google