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    Arms of Morpheus. Dreams interpretation

    Wash, bathe in a bath in a dream

    Wash, bathe in a bath in a dream . You can not just wash in the bath . Wash in the bathroom, the shower, in the river. Matters flushing action itself with itself of something . Values ​​for such dreams can be many. Matter which of them will choose the interpretation dormant . Necessarily understand what your problem is caused this dream . Desire represented in the dream , express common phrases uttered usually : " I was born again . " "We need to go to the bath , wash away all sins. " After talking with the unpleasant (not in the sense of dirty ) or even dangerous man say : "I want to go , wash ( wash ) . " Washing in the bath is a symbolic rebirth . This does not mean that the person wants to become a newborn baby . No. Just the man who was to enter the bath with lots of nasty problems , would have remained in the past. A new , as born again , got out of the bath without any problems , without enemies , without sin , disease and debt. A newborn does not have these problems. A man who dreamed washing wants :
    a) recover if he is currently ill, or feeling anxious about their health.
    b) Get rid of what - that he has a problem arose .
    c) Get rid of what something tormenting his thoughts, feelings . For example, a strong sense of shame or guilt.g ) Wash greh. If he engaged in misconduct which it oppresses .
    d ) Get rid of the sensation after contact with something or someone something unpleasant for him.
    Promote the use of such a character and real feelings that one experiences after a bath . Ease , vigor , freshness. Feels rested and even renounce problems.
    Can dream situation when you can not get into the bath or bathroom . Or a person enters the bath , in the shower , but he can not have a wash. For example : No water . It's cold. The lights went out . Not enough wash or other obstacles. It says that your desire to get rid of something , wash off , you can not even get rid of the dream . But the dream is still in this case does not give you a masterful wake . In the dream you are trying to take steps to implement the wishes and continue to sleep.
    Example: " In a public bath with one room to wash men . Wash can only queue. Having washed , men should get out. Was the turn of women wash. But the situation does not develop pravilno.Ne had previously infantrymen entered men wash and go out as there comes a new man . This is repeated several times . Dreamer encourages them to observe all . They pass the queue anyway . She shouts words of indignation. To get to the bath failed. " Interpretation: a woman ina dream even failed to get rid of what something disturbing her before or at bedtime thoughts problems . Moreover, she is going through her ​​very emotional as well and awake.
    These rituals have a new birth of adults were common to all peoples.
    Jumping through fire. It is understood that from the fire has been published for a new man, purified . Passage through the figure of the animal. In particular cows. Could penetrate through the building in the form of a cow or the real animal skin . Practiced a tradition in India. According to the Russian fairy tale " Kroshechka Havroshechka " a ritual that took place when and ours: "A girl in one ear to the cow breaks . And get out of the other ear ."
    Infliction of pain or bodily harm , including circumcision at initiation is a symbolic death. With the subsequent symbolic birth. This baptism in the Orthodox . Dipped in water young children. Adults just sprinkle water ( as a substitute for immersion in water ) . Washing other peoples , as a symbolic washing away of sins. ( This is also a symbolic rebirth. Born anew without the sins ) . Preserved some of these rituals still . In society, they are held on special occasions . Your dream is ready to conduct them at least every night. To calm you down and slept peacefully . Not to lie awake and have speculated endlessly worried . Understanding you in interpreting dreams of his problem , lets get rid of it . Fix it. Possible solutions to achieve it in real life.
    In dreams are not always present only the characters . Can be represented by a real situation , or seen in movies. This is a reminder to you to dream about - or is the background against which other events develop . For each symbol voiced multiple values. There may be others that are not represented here , with the expectation that you will not passively accept the information . Become actively involved in the interpretation of dreams . Write to us.
    The theme of "water" is represented on this page fully