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    Arms of Morpheus. Dreams interpretation

    child enters or falls into the water

    Child enters the water , the child out of the water , the child splashing in the water dives - itthe idea of ​​childbirth. Desire to give birth . Child can swim and bath and basin .
    Example: " The dreamer went to visit and saw a child snorkel and
    wetsuit swims laps as a " space suit " , in the bath , in one or the other
    side. "
    Interpretation: The child , who was in visiting the dreamer , dream caused represents the desire to give birth . Bath is a belly (womb). Child rescued from water baby ,pulled out of the water. You are saving someone pull out of the water - it is again the fantasy of sorts,desire to give birth .Here also must pay attention to what you see around you : spring, summer , heat, joyfully . So the most favorable prospects .But you see the fall, winter, cold , ice, feel anxiety, fear . So you want
    birth , but at the unconscious level to assess its capacity as unpromising .
     Example from the Bible story of the birth of Moses : " ... Pharaoh's daughter saw the
    basket among the ...cane ( by the river ) ... opened it, saw the child , took pity on him ... ... and it washer son "
    ( Exodus 2:1-8 Byblos ) .
    In Russian folk tales are not uncommon , when a childless couple makes a baby out of the river ,floating or lying on the river bank in a cradle or basket. That in the language of symbols mean : they gave birth .
    Example dreams leads Artemidorus : " A woman dreamed seven cots are floating in
    water "
    and she really gave birth over the years to seven children.
    In symbolic action " ducking - out of the water " very deep roots . Even in the sacrament of baptism : immersion in the baptismal font (or river) - symbolizes death . A way out water - the revival (birth) , or rather a new birth .
    Example: " Dream. Dipping into the water with the child ." The dream may be :
     a) the desire to havechild , and
    b) thought women bedtime were associated with the theme of baptism of the child , and
    c) possible child is ill or have other problems and it is symbolically re- creates it , already healthy , ie it is the wish of recovery during sleep.
    In dreams are not always present only the characters . Can be represented by a real situation , or seen in movies. This is a reminder to you or to dream about something or background against which other events develop .
    For each symbol voiced multiple values. There may be others that are not represented here , with the expectation that you will not passively accept the information . Become actively involved in the interpretation of dreams ..
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    The theme of "water" is represented on this page fully