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    Arms of Morpheus. Dreams interpretation

    go in, to fall into the water

    If the dreamer - woman.
    Typical dream: 1) Do you dream that you or another woman fall into the water, jump into the water or into the water . Not with a view to drown . This means you want to become a mother , that is to have a baby . Matters in which the color of the water fell . What you see around you . What experience emotions.
    If the water is clean , warm, around summer or springtime , you easily and well . So the prospect of giving birth is the most favorable .
    If the water is dark, muddy, disturbing you , then give birth you want, but have a health problem . Probably should see a doctor.
    Example: " A woman dreams that she goes through the dark forest , sees the lake. Water muddy brown. She enters the water , muddy bottom . She swims and sees flowers . Flowers in children . One of them she wants to calm him. But it separates from child some power . " Forest vegetation is pubic . Getting into the lake, the water as the desire to give birth. Turbidity , mud , dark water , not too favorable prognosis . The second part of the dream repeats desire and it is expressed more clearly . Flower - a female body , and again there is no possibility to perform desired . Waking woman believes that career does not allow her to give birth. The dream shows, that there are health problem . Which can be an obstacle, when it mind to it .
    If the water which fell , jumped , dove , got cold , icy . Around the autumn or even winter . Dream says, that you came too late or too late to give birth. You anxious because you ( your unconscious ) to assess the prospects to give birth.
    Dream: " Swim in warm water , and around the ice." Interpretation: Ice says " late" to give birth. Apparently quite a few years, the dreamer , or she perceives his age . Somebody believes that 30 years later, to give birth, but for someone to actually 60 . Warm, clean water, good , happy mood are promising . There is a desire and health permits . Maybe the dream is connected with the real event , such as a dip on the warm waters in the winter. For example in Kamchatka on the thermal waters . Snow and ice around and in the pool outdoor hot.
    Dream: "To see a fallen woman in the ice water ." Interpretation: It bears repeating , that what happens to a woman unknown to you (if a woman has a dream ) , it concerns you. It's you and the woman despite the desire to give birth , you have the most doubts about the possibility to do it. Painting and there was ice cold in the dream can create warmth and lack of experienced sleeping . The variant that really sleeping during sleep was cold. In the interpretation of dreams to consider a lot of details .
    Seasons : spring, summer , autumn, winter is not uncommon in dreams can represent a person's age : childhood, youth, maturity and old age . Or concepts : " early" , " Time" , " later ", than abounds and art ( literature, painting , etc.).The painting Alfred Kubin woman with fear enters the water . Behind her three monstrous fish and reflected in the water. Her desire to have a morbid fear accompanied by a feeling , a nightmare. Fear in this case speaks of forbidden desire. That is his performance in the dream is strong resistance consciousness. Additionally, indicates the presence of an illness .
    Fall, and you can dive into a swamp , and a viscous goo and manhole . In a crack in the pavement, filled with water . But do not drown. All of this , unfortunately, says: "no" health problems do not give you birth . That's what you perceive the situation.
    Another example of the dream : "War ... Two people on the bank of the river decided to destroy their weapons , machine guns set on fire. Their boat floating on the side enemies . On another boat a few girls . Another boat with a woman and child. Enemies accompany girls and a woman . Who something called out to them : " Jump and swim towards sailors ." someone in the crowd will be able to escape. dreamer feels fear . Girls jumped into the water . woman with a child can not be saved , sits in the boat. Ashore visible sailors . Goes shooting . bullets bubbling on the surface. seen staggering in the water , diving head girls. They swam toward the sailors . " Interpretation : Presented a few thoughts , desires : 1) the desired sex scene girls, aggressors with guns , bullets on the water , and 2) at the same time , the lack of sex drive - burned machines , and 3) the desire to have : a girl leaping into the water. Their heads are wavering on the water - the saviors of sailors , and 4) the inability to have a woman in a boat - and jump into the water to escape , and 5) a lot of girls , enemies, sailors - a lot of people - it means secret ( secret desire ) . 6) Fear is a real feeling . Sleeping feels unwell . Conclusion: there is a secret desire to give birth , but the outlook is not favorable.
    If a man dreams of an unknown man (or woman unknown woman ), the dream is so very sleeper.
    In symbolic action " ducking - out of the water " very deep roots . Even in the sacrament of baptism : immersion in the baptismal font (or river) - symbolizes death . A way out of the water - the revival (birth) , or rather a new birth . Plunge into the water. Some people still have the ancient rituals , mysteries of death and rebirth . Usually this happens when a boy  is converted into a society of men (initiation ) . If a person has lived long among strangers and now returned to his clan, tribe (India, Papua New Guinea) . He held a symbolic ritual of death and rebirth. Baptism is one of those rituals.
    Dreaming about falling or getting into the water and then out of the water . May also indicate some dissatisfaction with your own life. Gets things are not as desirable . People often say : " That would have to start all over again, " or " Now, if re-start , I could then - and then it somehow. According to another gave their lives. " And his dream calms performs desire : "You have been born again " only symbolically .
    Fear of falling into the water in the dream:
    a) fear of giving birth ( if the fall is not threatened by drowning ) , and
    b) the fear of drowning , that is the fear of punishment for evil thoughts , wishes more. In addition, it may be fear implementation of any other desires that motivate unconscious and consciousness is not allowed . A painful sensation ( fear) caused resistance , resistance on the part of consciousness so inducement . It forbidden by the consciousness , the desire may come from the unconscious (not aware of and not managed by humans) . It may even be harmless from the viewpoint of an adult. But it was pushed into the unconscious in childhood, adolescence . When a person is not able to process their " possible ", " impossible" , but simply supplanted . Maybe your unconscious desires implementation of something not allowed by your consciousness. And so on do not let that scare you mind for that death. And as you dream that you are drowning , it is considered that as if you are in a dream to fulfill his desire . And to give punishment. To invalid escaped from the unconscious in the dream , it requires an existing fear caused by the disease.
    In dreams are not always present only the characters . Can be represented by a real situation , or seen in movies. This is a reminder to you or to dream about something or background against which other events develop .
    For each symbol voiced multiple values. There may be others that are not represented here , with the expectation that you will not passively accept the information . Become actively involved in the interpretation of dreams ..
    translator Google
    The theme of "water" is represented on this page fully