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    Arms of Morpheus. Dreams interpretation

    Floats someone something on the water

    Swim past on the water . Someone or something floating away from you. Floating past you. Passes by you. It dream represented a figurative expression " it was and swim away from you ." You or something someone missed , missed some opportunity . Thing or person, depending on whether that floated away . Sometimes say " just floated away from his hands. "
    Example: An excerpt from a long dream : " Dark ... A man stands on the river bank , from which push off the barge . He even tried to touch your finger to things lying there . Barge drifted slowly ... "
    Interpretation: The day before he was going to buy these things . But decided to think . Embarrassed price . When thought up and came into the store , these things were no longer there . In this he was disappointed , because how he went specifically for them. Darkness also reinforces the notion of " too late." Late suddenly realized
    missed , " floated away from  the hands " ( picked up by someone else ) .
    In dreams are not always present only the characters . Can be represented by real and situation is reminiscent of the dream you about any event you . For each symbol voiced multiple values. There may be others that are not represented here , with the expectation, that you will not passively accept the information . Will actively participate in the interpretation of dreams .Write to the forum.
    The theme of "water" is represented on this page fully