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    Arms of Morpheus. Dreams interpretation

    Train Part 3: fall under the train

    Fall under the train ( car) in an accident. Be crushed by train ( car). See how someone smashed train : baby , child , female ) , collide with the child. This desired sex scene with a touch of masochism , subordination . Sex scenes ( in symbolic form ) removed due to the fact that you do not have enough for any reason . No partner , no decent partner health. Most often, this is a dream woman or partner , playing a passive role (his crush , suppress ) . If you dream that you do not , and someone unfamiliar crushed by. It you anyway ( you crush it ) . If you are someone crushed , then you play an active role in the sexual stage ( aggressor ) Perhaps someone in your life you put down . Also : Scene hit by a car , the train can imagine circumstances in which a person has got . He experiencing depression, or severe pressure ( influence) by a non - human is . He can not control the situation. As they say : " To get to the rink ," " get under the wheel of history ." Here the dreamer also plays a passive role. Not he crushes attacks . His crush , he is attacked . Irrelevant death under a train in a dream to the real death of the dreamer or someone else has not. It is worth repeating that the unconscious cansubmit a death only through vague specific characters , but with a sense of fear and anxiety . Example: " Sleep, my mother crushed train ." If you have not experienced the painful feelings (fear,sobbing , anxiety ) , there are options : a) read above specified . b) Did you perceive the impact mother on you, your life as much pressure . Overwhelms you . Completely crushed , as you think . Example: "Death in the car on the train ." Interpretation : If this dream figuriruete you or someone you know , you can take it to the section catastrophe . " Is thought - Crash . This word can express the situation occurring in any area of ​​our lives ( frustration , family , some plans and so on ) . So you perceive the current situation . If the car was familiar to you people ( and in this case you do not grieve , do not suffer ), the way you are perceived and experienced to create for him a difficult life situation . If while you are suffering , crying . So you want this man evil. Example: " car hit by a train ." It also should be referred to the section Disaster. Crash . So you perceive the current situation in life . Moreover, hit by a train suggests passivity, dejection . This is not a prediction hit in an accident. Generally personal transportation , available in the dream (car, motorcycle , cart with a horse ) represents the position of the dreamer's life. As he appreciates her . His financial situation , health , success and so on. " What are themselves such and sleigh ." " Oh, you're my cart , shattered ." "I'm in the saddle." "I'm on a horse " So say people. Public transport : train , plane , bus - is the current situation . External circumstances leading pulling a man somewhere or someplace . They not depend on it .They make changes in his life according to his wishes . So sleep believes . For each symbol presents several values. There may be others that are not represented here. With the expectation that you will not passively accept the information and actively participate in the interpretation of dreams . Familiarize yourself with the options of your interpretation of characters , try to remember and understand in relation to you than they could dream of. Such as waking , if you notice a scratch on his body or stain on clothes. You begin to remember where, when or how this could happen . Iterate in mind all the possible options . The same should apply to and dream. NOTE : This note should be to each character . It is not always possible to accept these images as symbols. It may simply be captured in memory pictures drawn with as a background against which develop other more important events . Necessary to consider all the complex. What thoughts , feelings and memories they call you . IMPORTANT POINT : Based on the experience of analytical psychology ( Freud ) : If the object does not dreamed associations. Do you have any thoughts arise in connection with it , it can be interpreted as a symbol . It's certainly not an axiom. Since the association may not be available due to the strong resistance of censorship ( consciousness). Some people claim that they never see again, it 's not. Censorship instantly erases them , can not be conscious. Too strict censorship or too harmful desires. write on forum understand . Google