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    Arms of Morpheus. Dreams interpretation

    Drown, stoke of someone, drown herself in the water

    Drown in the water , drown, drown or see (or rather drowned ) someone else familiar .
    Dream : "Drowned herself girl in the hatch ." This means in a dream to drown itself in fear
    or horror is the punishment itself for evil thoughts or other harmful desires. sleep
    accompanied by physical illness in this night.  Perhaps your unconscious desires implementation of something not allowed by your consciousness. And so on do not let that scare you mind for that death. And as you dream that you are drowning , it is considered that as if you are in a dream to fulfill his desire . And to give punishment. To invalid escaped from the unconscious in the dream , he
    requires an existing fear caused by the disease.
    As in Example The Sigmund Freud : The man had a secret sexual relationship with a woman and had a strong suspicion , that she could get pregnant. It scared him . " In the dream he was arrested , as if for the murder of a child. " That is, despite the fact, that the plot of bad dreams and even scary, it is based on the fulfillment of desire - no child . The child will not be, a woman is not pregnant , his fears , fears for nothing.So soothes his dream . Whose main objective is to provide a dream. To people slept and did not wake up , troubled by his thoughts , desires .Needless drowning, interpreted as a desire to return to the womb :
    b ) The intolerable for the psyche of a current threat .It may even wish not to be born , " Why I was born ? Oh, why me buff ? " Affects : Cry, fear, suffering in a dream - it's real (real ) sensations, feelings . Desire or idea presented in a symbolic ( encrypted) form , and suffering, tears , fear is real ( feelings) . Mother parents me back. In India, the river , symbolizing the womb of the mother , gives rise to life. She takes back the dead . I think, you know, that in India, the remains of the deceased is lowered river.
    c) Perhaps as a punishment for a strong aggressive wish someone. However , in connection with inability to implement desired . Out of love for this man of education. no Access to this person or that person is much stronger. Interferes with timidity or other reasons ,man does evil itself . You think that you can not live without and want to do it from unrequited love . And in fact, already from hatred and evil desires. The basis attempts to harm themselves is always hate to someone else. So whether or not to make rash act for the sake of the person you already hate . In the olden days of the Chuvash it was the custom to hang himself at the gate of the oppressor, the enemy. A similar method of revenge existed among the Chinese and residents of the Gold Coast . So they destroyed the offender. Whether they should be like . There is a saying : If you have the power to "run " ( of life, mental anguish ) means there are forces and " fight " ( for the implementation of their desires, not aggressive course).Remember , trying to kill yourself, you simultaneously kill not only enemies, but also their loved ones.
    Deal with organic disease , and will leave a terrible dream .
    If, during the dream of drowning you did not feel fear, grief or other painful sensations. There is no evil wishes or harmful desires. Expressed some
    another thought , desire, memory. What that household problem .
    As a special case , so that the dream can represent themes . For example: a) Student says, " all I drowned . " or " I'm drowning " means failed the exam , but not blame yourself, teacher.
    b) You can tell the employee what some office, losing a job, or has not received promotion. " I'm stoked . " "I was drowned . " He believes that it is the machinations colleagues.
    c) cake with a "nice " name as " drowned" or anything like that .
    g ) any building timber , called " snag " .
    d ) Cars had been in the water during floods and imported from Europe in the country is called the " drowned " .
    e) "Neighbors have drowned or flooded ," we say, if on top of the flat water flows .
    g) If a kid peed night , and my mother was there, she also says :: " It is me today drowned . "
    Dreaming is not accompanied by heavy emotions affects, does not have anything bad in themselves .
    Dream: " Falling into deep water ." If the dream is accompanied by fear , horror , then this is equivalent to the above presented the concept of " sink ." That is a lot to be himself to die as punishment for evil desires, or other illegal conscious desires.
    If this drop is not accompanied by fear , or joy and care , it is the desire not toassociated with the evil wishes of yourself or another .
    If someone fell into deep water : You can match the expression : " As the water sunk . " So people had disappeared , can not find .
    If you do not cry at the same time , not suffer . So just want to have it moved out , left for another job and so forth.
    And if you cry , feel some distress , so you want him to die , precisely disappeared completely from your life.
    Dream: "I sank another person ."Interpretation: 1) if you are experiencing this fear or deep sadness , crying - it's you want someone ( to whom drown ) death.
    If you dream that drowns or fired by an unknown woman (if it is a dream woman ), then dream portrays itself Dreamwalker . A man can dream unknown man . In the dream is not rare that happens to the dreamer , is represented by another person. Do not need to drown himself or others. Life is far too short, to reduce the heat of the moment . Fear is , moreover , a sign of physical ailments . Will cure disease , weakened and nightmares .
    2) If sleep was not accompanied by fear, suffering or sorrow - is symbolically represented by the " domestic production " expression:
    a) The desire for someone to "drown " (or fear that you " drown " ) , that is not to remove competitor worthy methods. Use compromising materials , " substitute " and so on.
    b) There is an expression of the drivers " drown " or " imbedded ", which means to add speed ,quickly ride.In dream , such a call will be presented in the form of attempts to drown someone .But such an interpretation is only suitable for someone who enjoys such an expression , or even
    knows. For details, see above " Sink . Stoke . "
    Dream: " Hydra grabbed his wife ."
    Interpretation: An interesting play on words : The word " Hydra " is not only the aquatic animal or mythological character . It is also water . This substitution of words we hear everywhere. Fall in the water , capturing water represented as grasping monster " Hydra " . If you dream it scared him , he grieves . So he wants her to " drown " , ie, disappeared from his life.If you dream of a happy or neutral , and he saved her . So she wants to bore orthinks that she is pregnant .
    "Child drowned , or see children drowned" .-
     If the dream of many people , in this case children , then it is a secret desire , thought. As for sleep one child. The crowd is always
    is the opposite , that is the secret. Possible interpretations :
    a) The reluctance of the child was born . That is that he did not come out of the birth waters. Perhaps regret that you have had a baby . You would not want him to be born . Or when - is did not want him to be born . Dreaming in this case is accompanied by a painful sensation grief, fear. This is not a dream villain. After and during pregnancy is not uncommon because no simple situations doubts . And born , though loved and wanted children ,bring up is not easy. And someone thinks or says in minutes grief or rashly :" Why am I her (his ) mother? " Here's your unconscious brought him back . " Gave birth to back."
    b) Drowned child may be the subject - deceased child .
    Example: "Dream . Deceased child was drowned. " That is the dream further confirms sleeping , that the child died . ReturneGone back to where once swam ( from ancestral waters ) .
    c) see drowned child - it can be thought about and not born , for some reason child. He not out of the water , that is not born . Not successful birth abortion .
    The same dream: "The child drowned in the bathtub. " So not born . Bath water is " stomach" (womb). The child did not come out of the uterus - not born . Do not want to be born (or not want to get pregnant ) .
    If the dream was not accompanied by fear, tears , did not cause grief , the above-said to it does not apply . Expressed some other thought, is not associated with an injury or anyone with the theme of death. In particular child in a dream can represent genitals and some action with them.
    The dream : " People sleep under water. Some wake up and someone drowned. " Interpretation: Very imaginatively presented a picture of the potential birth of people (children ) . Not born yet are somewhere under water ( in the waters ), before the onset of his term. Someone wakes up and comes up ( born ) . Someone not born ( and drowned out of the water did not come out ) . On the eve of the dream probably had a conversation on this topic . Perhaps you were thinking about it. Sometimes say : " She (  that woman ) had ten pregnancies. But five survived . Others were born dead ( prematurely or not successful birth). "
    Fear of falling into the water in the dream: Dining interpretation :
    a) Fear of birth. If this drop is not threatened by drowning . "The girl and the guy running around shore. He pushes it into water. She laughs , but resists and shouts of fear. "
    b) Fear of drowning , as a punishment for illegal conscious desire of reaching unconscious. Including evil thoughts , evil desires and drugomu.I suicidal urges it all on the level of the unconscious during sleep. A painful feelings ( fear) caused resistance , resistance from the consciousness of such impulses .
    c) Resistance to what is unacceptable - conscious will. But realize that seeks unconscious . Consciousness " takes over " ,  superiority of forces at his side .
    Man drowns , but is afraid of such a vision in a dream , of course. It is forbidden by consciousness , the desire may come from the unconscious , ( did not realize the man ) . It may even be harmless from the viewpoint of an adult. But it was pushed into the unconscious in childhood, adolescence . When a person is not able to process their " possible ", " impossible" , but simply supplanted .
    In dreams are not always present only the characters . Can be represented by a real situation , or seen in movies. This is a reminder to you or to dream about something or background against which other events develop .For each symbol voiced multiple values. There may be others that are not represented here , with the expectation that you will not passively accept the information . Become actively involved in the interpretation of dreams .Write to the forum.
    The theme of "water" is represented on this page fully