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    Arms of Morpheus. Dreams interpretation

    Train. : to see off someone on a train. Part 2

    If you dream that someone ( not you ) flies , or going away for a long distance train or in the distant . You stay in this highly distressed , crying . Then you want this man in a dream ( at an unconscious level ) death. True to his or somewhere away forever claimed . Not because you're such a villain , just our unconscious , and during sleep it reigns , behaves like a baby. And for him the concepts of good and evil does not exist and death is just leaving for a long time . Apparently this man is something very annoys you , even prevents sleep ( or thought about it) , once you have decided to eliminate it in a dream. Dream: "leaving by train and crying". Depending on the circumstances, could be interpreted in different ways: 1) If the dreamer leaves without an escort , then his tears and suffering they say that it is very concerned about their own death or the theme or the possible breaking up with someone. As already mentioned , health problems or recent death of someone that startled him , and 2) If the dreamer saw off someone , that dream should be read backwards . You wish death to the person who accompanies you . Rather, that he went out of your life . You're crying parting with him. If someone's tumultuous departure does not cause negative emotions ,the hostile desire not belong to it . And due to some other thoughts, desires , somehow echoes with the train station, trip parting. Example: "My husband is leaving , and I run to catch up . " Interpretation: If you do not cry at the same time , do not suffer . So you're worried how it would not lose (or so it's gone .) But if you cry , suffer . So want to left and away . Another dream : "My husband left one and it did not catch."< The phrase itself left or left alone. So he alone , no partner . Maybe you are going to leave her husband or leave him . But perhaps some attempt has been made not to leave (an attempt to catch up ) . If during sleep you suffered greatly , grieved or felt fear . Hence, as in the examples above , you want him dead . Rather to permanently gone from your life. Another example: "My husband missed the train , and I left " means : a) you are concerned about a possible theme of separation. Possible: b) reflection on the topic , anyone of you manage to catch up in something realized , and who does not . Since the interpretation of dreams is not seldom be vice versa. It may be that you perceive the situation as if he had left it on the train and you're late . I repeat, this is a dream , you can explain if it is not accompanied by strong negative feelings . Such as fear , suffering, weeping . Example: " To stay on the train one "Dream says that you are alone . In the interpretation of dreams are as details on which clarification is made , accented note ( left alone, and not just left . Train left , I was left alone , and not just left ).