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    Arms of Morpheus. Dreams interpretation

    Automobile falls into the water. Fall into the water on the machine.

    Falling into the water machine. Is understood, that this car is not you . Just as you see is any car falls in the water. Should be considered as a concept :
    a) "Accident" . That is the situation as a downfall perceive what that plan . That see the meaning of the word " accident " .
    b) Given the fact that the car , the car can represent the dream of the male organ , the it may be an image of concept " dropped ." What 's so is perceived as a catastrophe ,accident.
    c) If the car is dropped with all the familiar people , then you wish them harm . Death or disappearance of your life. In this case, in a dream , you have to experience grief, suffering and fear.
    Dreaming " By car fall into the water " - It is assumed, that you are in the car .
    a) If you dream of fear accompanied by painful sensations. So perceive creates around you ,as a desperate situation . Feel powerless . Not an option
    influence developments that arose danger . But it's just your subjective feelings , figuratively represented you dream. We all often exaggerate . Reality may not be as abysmal .
    Maybe your unconscious desires implementation of something not allowed by your consciousness. And so on do not let, that scare you mind for that death.
    As you dream, that you fell on the machine in the water , it is considered that as if you dream fulfilled their desire. And to give punishment. To invalid escaped from the unconscious in the dream , it requires an existing fear caused disease induced .It punishment for being denied consciousness , desire emanating from
    unconscious ( and did not realize not managed by humans) . It may be even harmless from the point of view of an adult. But it was pushed into the unconscious inchildhood, adolescence . When a person is not able to process their " possible ", " impossible" , but simply supplanted . Naturally desire and punishing manifested in a dream and not reality , not in life . This is a dream . May fall into the water on the car or the abyss is your constant fear and reality .
    b) If the dream is not accompanied by painful sensations of fear. Possible options :Is an expression of the drivers " drown " or " imbedded ", which means to increase the speed to go faster in a dream , such a call ( " Marsh ... Marsh ..." or " come on, imbedded ... " ) can be presented in the form of attempts to someone or something you want to have to drown.To to what is fast-paced events . But such an interpretation is only suitable for someone who uses an expression , or even knows.
    Dreaming is not accompanied by heavy emotions affects, not have anything for  bad . For example: Cars had been in the water during floods and imported from Europe in the country is called the " drowned " .
    In dreams are not always present only the characters . Can be represented by a real situation , or seen in movies. This is a reminder to you or to dream about something or background against which other events develop .
    For each symbol voiced multiple values. There may be others that are not represented here , with the expectation , that you will not passively accept the information. Become actively involved in the interpretation of dreams . Write to the forum.
    The theme of "water" is represented on this page fully