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    Arms of Morpheus. Dreams interpretation

    save, pull out from water animal

    Freud gives the example presented by A. Abraham : " A young pregnant woman dreaming that " from one place to the floor in a dark room leads directly into the water channel ( generic way - embryonic water). She picks up the hatch in the floor, and there appears ( emerges ) being in shaggy coat that resembles a seal . " In this case, the woman is not only a dream fulfillment of a wish - to have a baby . She seemed to have represented in the dream itself the birth process .
    Also given dream confirms , that the desire to have baby and childbirth may be symbolically present and another salvaged or extended ( floats ) of water a living creature. Seal in this dream. In others, you can save the water dog ( puppy ) , cat ( kitten ) , poultry( chicken ), or other animal. So want to give birth. Give new life .
    Maybe you dream of your own familiar animal rescues, ( pulls ) of you water.
    Means : a) you expect from an animal litter . Would like to get kids from your animal .
     b) Can your animal is sick or has grown old. Perhaps you bothered thinking about it possible death . You want to dream give it a second life, a new fact rozhdenie. My become attached to the animals as their mother tongue.
    It should be noted, that fairy tales , myths, religious texts, as well as children (not without interference by other children or parents ) , convey to us the way people in the past about other ways of birth. Fashioned from clay ( earth ) . Excised from the body deity or person ( from the hips , ribs ) as Eve or finger as " Tom Thumb ." Originated from grains like Thumbelina . Emerged from a flower ( found in cabbage, as many of us ) . Stork brought . Cut down ( planed ) wood . Inflated by the wind, so if the father said the child is not known. From the golden rain . Bought at the store or received by other symbolic ways .
    Dreaming can also benefit from such characters.
    In dreams are not always present only the characters . Can be represented by a real situation , or seen in movies. This is a reminder to you or to dream about something or background , Which develops other events .
    For each symbol voiced multiple values. There may be others that are not represented here , with the expectation that you will not passively accept the information . Will actively participate in the interpretation of dreams .
    translator Google The theme of "water" is represented on this page fully