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    Arms of Morpheus. Dreams interpretation

    Train: ride, to try to catch up, do not catch the train.Part 1

    Typical dream: You dream : You're late , or feel that you are about to miss the train or other transportation, and can not change the situation. You have made every effort to catch . You upset or even annoyed , confused . What to do? How to get out of the situation? What does all this mean? Or are you running for the train, trying to to catch up train .Transport (not personal ) is not dependent on circumstances you. Dreaming can be caused by several motivations : 1) We often use the expression: " Your train is gone " ... or "my train has already left " .. You think sorry about lost or lose the opportunity . It bothered you before bedtime. Sleep comfort , this is not possible you're missing , and just train. Out this , then another will come soon . The situation on the late train or train familiar to all reality. We know that it is at least unpleasant, but reversible. Will be another train . Remember that your thoughts occupied the day before. In order not to regret , try to return the failed awake. Example: " caught the last train " or " I managed to jump into the passing train ." Corresponds to the expression " time to jump into the last car ." Mean time to lose the opportunity to use the latest . Since the dream is the fulfillment of desire in the symbolic form. This dream says that the dreamer feels that loses some opportunities , this is not very wanted. Measures should be taken not only in a dream. 2) Frustration due to the inability to return the bygone years. It would be nice to stop them, to catch up , because there are so many opportunities and temptations ( and seducers ) . Dreaming as calm replaces the situation on the train being late another.Not irreversible. 3 / a) A different reason is sad thoughts of death caused by health or recent bereavement . Man sees the image of long-distance trains , which he did not have time . He was very upset , crying or experiencing unpleasant feelings of anxiety . Leave it on the train ( last journey ) , fortunately still early. After all, he missed it . This is a dream - sadness, thinking about death , even fear it, and not in any way a prediction. This is confirmed by numerous dreams. Including most of Sigmund Freud , who traveled in a train theme often dreamed . Dreamer went on the train and have not lived enough years. Check out the concept of equivalent somewhere far distant way , the last journey . It is not rare to go far away , moving to a new location , we are many people , as they are with us parting forever . Example: " Communication crowded trains and death in his sleep ."Interpretation: A lot of people , the crowd (no matter where) indicate that your dream has a secret desire or thought . The ride on the train or delay can have multiple meanings and does not portend death. But before bedtime may your thoughts were busy theme of death. Dream: "dead leaves on the train " or " people who died , but dreamed of as a living , leaving on the train ." Interpretation: This dream is expressed through out the thought : He's dead. On the one hand it is a statement of fact , the confirmation of death. But it also comforting : He just went away by train. Are you concerned about the topic of his dreams his death. On the eve theme of his death occupied your thoughts . " ... Here 's your ticket , here's your car .......Leaves train in heaven , happy way ....... Earth platform do not be depressed ....... One of us went to paradise ... " . V. Vysotskiy. Similar important about your dream you miss the plane : You are in despair , disappointed or even cry , "O - O-O plane flew away ." This dream and strong emotions even more evidence that sadden you thought about death. Should pay attention to health, for our conscience . After all, thoughts and desires are represented in symbolic form , sometimes do not understand you , and experienced feelings (affects ) are real. That is sad, sorrowful, you really feel fear . Needed to find out exactly what causes it.  Dream : " To dream of trains being unable to reach ." Options : a) Do you feel that any life situation does not develop as much as you wanted. You can not influence it . Lucky to something , do not go where you want. ( It is not necessary or important global events ) . b) If you have experienced this state stiffness, retardation. Want to go, but you can not . Or conversely sorts of fussy actions do not give the desired result. So on an unconscious level ( as they say in my heart ) you would like to submit arisen not controlled by you situation. This is a typical dream . Conflict will. NO -NO ... No, I do not want to get out of the train, let the situation lucky there where transports. Subject trains can dream man associated with the railroad if: 1) he works there, 2) travels frequently , 3) going on a trip in the coming days and road tests of anxiety : not to forget something, do not be late , and so on then the train is the backdrop for other thoughts. Wagon coupe or may represent a woman , her genitals or abdomen of man in general . Passage through the car with a lot of coupe may represent the concept of " many women " ( as many rooms ) . It could be a woman of easy virtue ( prostitutes ). Google